I’ll be with you—as planner, friend, therapist, stylist, comedian, and beyond—from the very beginning, to the very end. From the moment you flip through your first bridal magazine, to when all guests have left with tired toes and you close the door of the wedding-night suite on my smiling face. I’ll work closely with you to design and develop a style guide and work my Louboutins off to provide professional, out-of-the-box direction throughout the entire planning process. My goal is to make sure your immaculate vision is realized and that you enjoy your engagement period in bliss and your wedding day in absolute awe. I’ll manage daunting planning aspects such as venues, transportation, contracts, schedules, investment timelines, and guest lists, plus every detail in between, for any and all events leading up to your big day…and even days following! From helping you find the perfect linens and playlist, to straightening the groom’s boutonniere and saving the updo with an extra bobby pin (My day-of emergency kit rivals Mary Poppins’ magic bag!), I’ll be there—with reinforcement—striving for perfection and offering calmness, laughs and lots of love. Get ready to invite me over for Thanksgiving. We’re about to get very close. 

 If you’ve got endless creative ideas and wedding-planning passion but need some help making your Pinterest boards come to life, I offer two middle-tier packages perfect for planning damsels in distress. Because wedding preparations should be fun-filled and anxiety free, my professional team and I will greatly support your plotting process through various in-person meetings, during which we’ll assist in further developing your vision with a style guide and help you master the wedding-planning minutia, including professional appointments and schedules. We’ll let you take the lead yet ease your load by managing the things you shouldn’t have to worry about, all so that your nuptial dreams—including rehearsal celebrations— are realized to perfection and your smile never fades. Allow us to give you and your party undivided attention and assure not one flower petal slips through the cracks. 

You’ve planned your big day, down to the smallest detail, all on your own. But as you continue to scratch weeks off your countdown calendar, day-of worries are creeping their way into your busy mind. Thoughts like, “How will I be able to make sure the vendors have arrived while getting ready?” and “Who will signal the starting cues to the wedding party?” have begun to cramp your keep-it-cool style. If the previous sentences describe you perfectly, call on my team and I to save your day. We’ll help you tie up loose ends, calm your nerves, make you laugh, and put out any day-of fires so that you can enjoy the most significant moments in your life in uninterrupted delight. You’ve done it all and you should enjoy every second, every flower, every bite, every song, and every ounce of happiness and love.  

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